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My name is Shaughn Leach, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant who specialises in the support and education of breastfeeding mothers.

Whilst breastfeeding is the most natural way on earth to provide nutrition for your growing baby, complications sometimes arise, leaving the mother feeling uncomfortable, frustated and even inadequate.

Your needs as a breastfeeding mother are unique and so too are the special needs of your baby.

My role is to provide you with the professional support, guidance and skills necessary to ensure that you and your baby enjoy the full benefits of breastfeeding.

I hope you find this webpage a useful source of information. If you feel you need help, please call me to make an appointment.

Call me today on 0412 195 873.

Shaughn Leach

Peace of Mind...

Mrs Shaugn Leach is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). This means that Shaughn is obliged to ensure continuing competence with accurate, up to date information on all aspects of lactation.

Shaughn is a member of the College of Lactation Consultants Western Australia (CLCWA) and the International Lactation Consultants Association (ILCA).

Shaughn has over 31 years experience in the education and support of breastfeeding mothers. For many years she has been involved in the education of health professionals by means of the Lactation Update courses.



Workshop for Midwives and Student Midwives - Helping Mothers to Breastfeed - Friday 19th May 2017

Midwives and student midwives working with mothers in the immediate postpartum period will find this workshop useful. 


  • ways to help a mother breastfeed independently
  • simple time-saving techniques
  • how to prevent breastfeeding problems before they happen
  • effective teaching tools 

Shaughn Leach and Rebecca Glover will use their combined years of study and experience to review the evidence and provide practical and time saving strategies to prevent breastfeedng problems before they happen and to help a mother to breastfeed independently. 

For further information please download the flyer or to book your place in this workshop please go to this webpage.    ******Earlybird registration has been extended for the February 19th workshop due to the xmas holidays******


Antenatal Consultation with Rebecca Glover

Learn How to work with your baby's instinctive feeding behaviour;

the key to a comfortable, effective, enjoyable breastfeeding experience.

Practical relevant learning, breastfeeding explained, demonstrated and practiced. 

Excellent visual aids, video footage and hands on experience with dolls to support your learning. 

Take home education materials consolidate your knowledge and provide encouragement when baby arrives..

Call her on 92917319.

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Mrs Shaughn Leach
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

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